Americana München


Americana was a German company, based in Munich, who produced some stickers for the English market in the 1970s. A company of this name still exists today, though they now appear to be a clothing store! They produced stickers in 1972/73 as Americana München then disappeared from the market for a few years, reemerging in the late 1970s as AVA Americana. I have assumed that they are the same company, since they use the same company name if you ordered spare cards.


Soccer Parade

The Album, Americana Soccer Parade, states that ‘Americana presents you with this really super Album in which to collect the fabulous new series of Soccer Parade Stars’. In addition to the First Division teams there is a delightfully named ‘Scottisch Gallery’, and a page for Clubhemden (Club Shirts?). As you can see the album represents a strange mix of German and English. The album welcome page has the name ‘Americana Service’, though I’m not sure what this means.

The original stickers came in a bubble-gum packet with 4 pictures for 3p. These stickers are now quite rare and keenly sought after. You could order stickers to fill in the gaps in your collection from:

Americana Picture Service
11 – 14 Kirby Street
London E.C.1.

The album was published by IBIS, S. A. – Barcelona and printed by Editorial Bruguera, S. A. – Barcelona. I’m not sure that I understand the Spanish influence here, and how it sits with the German.

Number in set: 340
Teams: Arsenal, Birmingham City, Chelsea, Coventry City, Crystal Palace, Derby County, Everton, Ipswich Town, Leicester City, Leeds United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Sheffield United, Southampton, Stoke City, Tottenham Hotspur, West Bromwich Albion, West Ham United and Wolverhampton Wanderers
Checklists: Set checklist or Team checklist.


Football Special 1977/78

The first of two new sets from this mysterious company. The 1977/78 stickers are much rarer than the 1978/79 set. The album cover has a logo and the name ‘Ava Americana – Series’. The set includes 15 players for each of the 22 Division One teams, plus one player from each of the 22 Division Two teams. The last 16 stickers are of International Football Stars.

In order to complete your set you could order pictures from:

Football Special
Americana Picture Service
Kings Avenue House
New Malden, Surrey.

The album was originally priced at 20p, but made available at a special introductory price of 5p. It was printed in Italy.

Number in set: 368
Checklists: Set checklist or Team checklist


Football Special 79

An attractive set of cards produced for the 1978/79 season including First Division line-ups, Second Division Teams, The International Scene and National Squads (4 cards each to make up a composite picture of the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland squads). The album, printed in Italy, gives very little away about the manufacturer, suggesting that extra cards can be purchased from:

Football Special 79,
Americana Picture Service
Kings Avenue House,
New Maldon, Surrey

Each packet/wrapper contained 5 picture stickers, meaning it would have taken a lot of purchases to complete the set! The packet notes that the stickers were printed in Italy for AVA, New Malden, Surrey, further complicating the issue of Americana vs. AVA.

Number in set: 384
Checklists: Set checklist or Team checklist

The shop poster was used to advertise the cards.