Arbeshi Reproductions Limited

Arbeshi Reproductions Limited

Arbeshi Reproductions were based at 67a Dalston Lane, London E8. I’m only aware of one set of postcards that they produced in the early 70s, but they may have produced more. The London Gazette, August 1980 edition, suggests that the company dissolved in 1980.


George Keeling caricature postcards

Technically postcards rather than football cards, but interesting nonetheless. I’m not sure how they were sold, but perhaps personally by George Keeling outside of football grounds.

These postcards are known for the eight teams listed below, plus the ‘All Stars’. There are two versions of the Arsenal and Leeds United cards, the first having borders and card numbers, probably produced for the 1972 F.A. Cup Final, and then subsequently reproduced without the borders (see Alan Jenkins’ blog).

The selections of Norwich City and Orient are interesting. Norwich are probably included due to their 1972/73 League Cup Final appearance, and apparently George Keeling may have been an Orient supporter, as he is known to have lived close to the Orient Football Club ground.I don’t know much else about who George Keeling is, or was, and his relationship with Arbeshi Reproductions, so if you know please be in touch.

There are 12 players per team, so a total of 108 postcards to collect.

I’ve dated the postcards to late 1972 to early 1973, based on the players in the teams. This assumes that all of the caricatures were produced around the same time, but this may not be the case. For example, Arsenal includes George Graham who was transferred to Manchester United in December 1972. Liverpool includes Peter Cormack, transfer from Nottingham Forest in July 1972, while Norwich City includes Jim Bone, transferred to Norwich in March 1972, and away again in February 1973. Orient includes Peter Wall, transferred from Crystal Palace in December 1972.

These postcards were printed by the Malvern Press, London E8.

Number in set: 108
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Thanks to James Cotton for the Liverpool images, and to Steve Marsh (West Ham United Memorabilia Collection) for the West Ham images.