Cadbury’s as we know it today started in Bull Street, Birmingham when John Cadbury opened a shop in 1824. In 1969 the Cadbury Group merged with Schweppes to form Cadbury Schweppes Plc. They don’t have a great commitment to football memorabilia, but the jam jar lids were a good first attempt.


Hartley’s Football Stars

OK, so they are not football cards, but they are attractive and collectable.The jam jar lids were produced for Cadbury Schweppes Foods Ltd., Bournville, Birmingham while the images on the lids were provided by Coffer, with an inscription on each lid saying © Coffer, London. The jam jar lids fit into a folder (pictured below) which names them as ‘Hartleys Football Stars 1971-72’. So, Cadbury or Hartley’s?

Number in set: 12
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Soccer-star badges

In late 1972 or early 1973 Cadbury Limited began offering a set of five circular stickers if you sent away 8 wrappers from Cadbury Fudge bars. The five featured players were Martin Chivers, Allan Clarke, Kevin Keegan, Rodney Marsh and Bobby Moore.

Number in set: 5




World Cup 1974 – Scotland team

A set of stickers slowly coming to light. There were originally thought to be five in the set, but now perhaps up to 30? They are similar in style to the five featured above. These are very rare, so perhaps they were only issued by Cadbury in Scotland?

Number in set: 30?
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