Carr’s Biscuits

Carr’s Biscuits

A single set of football cards from the Carr’s of Carlisle biscuit company.


Sports Soccer Card Series

Excellent quality cards from this biscuit company. Made from strong card they are 19 x 7.5cm. They do not mention Carr’s on the cards, only the words ‘Sports Soccer card series’. I’m not sure how they were issued. If you know anything more please email me here.

Perhaps they were not a success, perhaps too big or unusual for most boys. It was also not clear what you did with them, stuck them in an album or onto a wall chart? Despite the ongoing fortunes of Carr’s, they didn’t venture into football cards again after this, which is perhaps a pity.

These cards are now collectable, but only among the more discerning collectors, including those who must have one of each of the players for their favourite club. They don’t come up for sale very often, and when they do can fetch high prices if in excellent condition.

Number in set: 20
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