Coffer Sports Limited

Coffer Sports Limited

Coffer Sports Limited were a popular London-based English manufacturer of football items, including cloth badges and some cards in the 1960s and 70s. Their home address was 58-60 Berners Street, London W1P 4JS.They went into liquidation in 1984.


Postcards, posters and cards

Around 1970 Coffer produced three different styles of player photos. They produced ‘posters’, with a player name and number on the front, as well as the Coffer name clearly identified. They also produced small ‘cards’ (60mm x 36mm) with the same images as the poster, again with blank backs and the details on the front (see Ron Davies image). In addition, they produced ‘postcards’, with ‘Coffer, London’ on the back plus the player name and card number. The posters, cards and postcards all seem to have the same images and numbers, though the postcards have a ‘P’ prefix (e.g. Alan Ball, P105).

Nobody really knows how many of these there are, or when they were produced. The lowest number that I know of is 101. I’ve dated the start of this set based on the teams i.e. Martin Peters (P126) is recorded as West Ham, and Jimmy Greaves (P111) is recorded as Tottenham. The two swapped clubs as part of a deal in March 1970. Coffer also seem to have produced subsequent series of these cards, numbered P201 etc at later dates. They feature players such as Charlie George and Steve Heighway, so clearly dating after 1969/70.

Number in set: Perhaps as many as 300
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