Daily Mail



The Daily Mail newspaper was first published in 1896. As a football card producer it has very little history, the sets below being it’s first and perhaps only productions.


World Cup Wallchart

In anticipation of the Mexico 70 World Cup the Daily Mail produced a large colour World Cup Wallchart. The wallchart has spaces for the 22 members of the England squad. Each space on the wallchart notes that ‘The coupon for this colour picture & biography will appear in the Daily Mail from April 6th. The set of stickers for the wallchart, available as a single sheet of glue-backed stickers, actually comprises 28 stickers, the sheet noting that ‘These 28 players are the trave lling party for Mexico named by Sir Alf Ramsey on March 25th. His final squad of 22 will be announced eight days before the May 31 World Cup kickoff”. Each sticker has ‘Daily Mail World Cup Souvenir’ printed, plus a player biography.

Number in set: 28
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First Division Wallchart

A set of 22 team stickers. Each sticker consisted of a colour player photo, two black and white player photos, and the team badge. There was a wallchart with spaces for the 22 teams. The coupons for the stickers were issued by the Daily Mail from September 1970. The wallchart could be bought for 2/- from your local newsagent.

Number in set: 22
Gallery: Set gallery