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Daily Sketch

The Daily Sketch newspaper was founded in Manchester in 1909 and was published for the last time on 11 May 1971. In their long history they produced only two football card related items.


World Cup Souvenir

The World Cup Souvenir Cards were produced to acknowledge ‘England World Cup candidates plus international stars of world reno wn’. The cards were obtained by cutting out coupons which appeared in the Daily Sketch. You needed to collect 5 coupons then send them to the newspaper who sent you 5 cards (as a strip of 5). The first coupons appeared in the newspaper dated 23 February 1970.

The Daily Sketch later issued a ‘Stop Press’ which advised ‘You can now get your complete set of 40 World Cup Colour Cards in three weeks instead of seven. All you have to do now is send in Twelve Coupons for the other 35 cards. Start collecting your coupons from the Daily Sketch from Monday, March 2nd’. The cards were designed to be cut out from their strip of 5 and stuck individually into the Mexico 1970 World Cup Souvenir Album, which cost 1/3 at the time. Some cards therefore appear on the market in strips, while most appear singularly.

Number in set: 40
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World Cup Transfers

These transfers were issued as two sheets, each of 14. They were often cut into single transfers and stuck onto school books. I’m not sure how you got them or much more about them. The stickers were designed to be stuck onto the Daily Sketch 1970 World Cup Picture Chart.

Number in set: 28
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Checklists: Set checklist or Team checklist