A&BC Chewing Gum Ltd. – a brief history – part 6

Part 6 – Football cards and stickers produced by A&BC Chewing Gum

Football cards and stickers produced by A&BC Gum (in chronological order of production, by year)

Full details and pictures of A&BC English football cards covered by the period of this website (1965/66 to 1979/80) are available by clicking here.

Year of issueSet nameSize
1958/59Footballer – Planet92
1959/60Football Quiz (Red back)98
1960/61Footballer (Black back)84
1961/62Footballer – B&W photos64
1961/62Footballer – B&W photos – Scottish set44
1962/63Footballer – Bazooka82
1963/64Footballer – Make-a-Photo110
1963/64Footballer – Make-a-Photo – Scottish set81
1964/65Footballer – Quiz (Red back)149
1964/65Footballer – Quiz (Green back) – Scottish set81
1966/67World Cup Footballers Stickers (also known as World Cup Stamps)50
1966/67Footballers (B&W photo, originally in pairs)220
1966/67Footballers (B&W photo, originally in pairs) – Scottish set42
1967/68Star Players (Black back)55
1967/68Pin-Ups of England’s Stars12
1968/69Football (Yellow back)101
1968/69Football (Yellow back) – Scottish set45
1969/70Football Facts (Green back)173
1969/70Footballer (B&W photos, also known as Crinkle Cuts)36
1969/70World Cup Posters16
1969/70World Cup Footballers (Purple back)37
1969/70Football (Blue back) – Scottish set77
1969/70Footballer (B&W photos, also known as Crinkle Cuts)15
1970/71Footballer (Orange back)255
1970/71Pin-Up posters14
1970/71Action transfers (also known as Transparencies)72
1970/71Football (Green back) – Scottish set171
1970/71Pin-Ups – Scottish set28
1971/72Footballer(Purple back)290
1971/72Football club crests23
1971/72Footballer Superstars23
1971/72Football (Purple back) – Scottish set144
1971/72Football club crests – Scottish set16
1972/73Footballer (Orange/Red back)219
1972/73Football Card Game22
1972/73Football (Blue or Orange/Red back) – Scottish set178
1973/74Footballer (Blue back)261
1973/74Footballer (B&W photos, also known as Crinkle Cuts)32
1973/74Football (Red back) – Scottish set178
1974/75Footballer (Red back)132
1974/75Football (Green back) – Scottish set132

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