Longacre Press

Longacre Press

Longacre Press had a short life. They were launched in 1960 as a rebadging of Odhams Press, then bought out by IPC in 1969.


Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly World Stars

Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly ran for just under 23 years in 3 different incarnations, finally ceasing in June 1974. For more information see www.charlesbuchansfootballmonthly.com. The World Stars comprises a Souvenir Album with spaces for 80 small black and white stickers.

The stickers came in four sheets, each with 20 stickers.

Number in set: 80
Gallery: N/A
Checklist: Set checklist or Team checklist

Famous Footballers Mini-books

A series of 6 small booklets, costing one shilling each, with colour photographs inside. A gallery is available for all photos from each of the mini-books.

Number in set: 6
Gallery: Mini-books gallery