Marshall Cavendish

Marshall Cavendish

Marshall Cavendish ( have been publishing ‘partworks’ (books and magazines published in many parts) since 1968. They still continue today, although this seems to have been their only football offering. In later years Marshall Cavendish reprinted some of the material from these parts in their Encyclopedia of British Football publication.


Book of Football, Top Teams

In 1971 Marshall Cavendish began the massive production of the Book of Football, a Marshall Cavendish Encyclopedia, in 75 weekly parts. The parts cost 23p each, or £13.30 for a 12-month subscription (52 issues including postage and packing). The weekly parts could be stored in 5 binders (each holding 15 issues). For the first 20 of its 75 parts the Book of Football included sheets of 16 ‘colour star portraits’ in the centre pages.

An album ‘Top Teams’ was provided free with Part 2, or could be purchased later for 25p.The album has 364 sticker spaces but has 44 portraits already printed inside, so there were actually only 320 stickers to collect. They are available as sheets of 16 or individually.

The album was published by Marshall Cavendish Ltd., 58 Old Compton Street, London W1V 5PA. © Marshall Cavendish Ltd., 1971. The album was printed in Great Britain by Petty & Sons Ltd., Leeds.

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