Nabisco, makers of some fine biscuits, is now part of Kraft Foods (though both appear to be owned by Philip Morris). The Nabisco brand name is still heavily used, especially in Australia ( In the 1970s they produced an assortment of football cards and memorabilia.



A set of 24 cards included in packs of Shredded Wheat. There are two varieties of these cards, perhaps representing an initial print run and a reprint. One set has ‘Nabisco Foods, Welwyn Garden City, Herts’ on the back, while the other has ‘Nabisco Foods Ltd., Welwyn Garden City, Herts’.

The back of the cards says ‘Don’t miss this exclusive offer of glossy full colour photographs (size 7″ x 5″) mounted in autographed folders of your favourite stars in the current series’. I wonder how many still exist?

Number in set: 24
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Cup Winners Badges

I’m going to guess that these attractive badges came in a cereal packet. They came in pairs so there were 9 pairs, a total of 18 badges, to collect. The collectors card came from the side of a cereal packet, so it was a clever ploy to get the boys of the day to cajole Mum into buying more of the same cereal. The collectors card suggests that the badges are ‘of major cup winners plus the team badges of the four home countries. Each badge has a special backing that will stick on cloth, plastic, metal and almost anything!’ The ‘special backing’ paper was produced by FasPrint of Fasson, Leiden, Holland.

Number in set: 18

Cup Soccer 71

A set of 8 pamphlets available in packets of Shredded Wheat. Apparently these pamphlets just sat inside cereal packets. I’m not sure how they worked out if the Bob Wilson stickers were available at the same time.The pamphlets were printed by Sir Joseph Causton and Sons Ltd, London and Eastleigh. There are no other company names or manufacturer indicators on these, but I am assured by a keen cereal card collector that they did come in Shredded Wheat packets – thanks for the information Wayne!

The pamphlets fold out into a 340 x 230mm display which includes team and player details and the recent cup form of the team. The pamphlet states that the details are current as at the start of the 1970-71 season.

Number in set: 8
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Bob Wilson’s Shredded Wheat Soccer Action Stickers

A set of 30 stickers issued as strips of 3 stickers each in special Shredded Wheat Soccer Action Picture packs. The stickers were designed to be stuck into Bob Wilson’s Soccer Action Collector Book. The Collector Book was given away free inside the cereal packets, thereby encouraging you to collect the stickers. Four pictures were already printed into the book, so I’m not sure how the numbers worked out? The booklet was edited by Hayters Sports Agency for Nabisco Ltd. Printed by Creaseys of Hertford.

Number in set: 30
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