Norsk Ukeblad

Norsk Ukeblad

In 1933, one of Norway’s most renowned weekly magazines, Norsk Ukeblad, was founded by Ernst G. Mortensen. Published by Egmont Publishing, formerly known as Hjemmet Mortensen, the magazine has served as a steadfast source of inspiration and entertainment for generations of Norwegian readers.

Targeting primarily women aged 25 and above, Norsk Ukeblad offers a diverse array of content enriching the lives of its readers in various ways. From captivating reports that whisk readers away on adventures through life’s myriad facets to practical tips on cooking, interior design, and invaluable insights into health, fashion, beauty, and self-care, the magazine caters to a broad spectrum of interests.

However, the magazine’s journey has not been without challenges, particularly during times of political turmoil. During the Second World War, Norsk Ukeblad experienced two interruptions in publication, with the most notable hiatus occurring from February 1943 until liberation in 1945. This interruption stemmed from a satirical cover illustration that sparked controversy. Depicting ice skaters, one bearing a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler and the other to Vidkun Quisling. Additionally, several of the tracks in the ice were easily discernible as H7 symbols, the emblem of the Norwegian King Haakon 7. The humorous portrayal of these controversial figures led to repercussions, including the imprisonment of the illustrator, Gunnar Bratlie, for two years.

Once hailed as Norway’s leading weekly magazine, Norsk Ukeblad faced stiff competition from its rival, Hjemmet, in the 1970s. It was during this period, precisely in 1976, that Norsk Ukeblad embarked on a bold endeavor to attract male readership. This was achieved by featuring a weekly article profiling teams from the English Football League First Division, accompanied by photographs of the players. Today, these editions are rare finds, as most were either discarded or cut into pieces by avid football enthusiasts.


Engelske Fotballspillere

As mentioned above , on October 19, 1976, Norsk Ukeblad commenced a series spanning the next 22 issues until March 8, 1977, featuring profiles of the English Football League First Division teams for that season. They began with Manchester United and concluded with the season’s champions, Liverpool Football Club.

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