Reddish Maid Confections

Reddish Maid Confections

Reddish Maid Confections of Newark Road, Stockport produced only a single set of football cards. The company was based in Reddish, originally a small village near, but now swallowed up by, Stockport (though I’m told still a nice place to live). The confectionery company, known locally as the ‘Toffee Works’ was owned and run by the Co-operative Society. The Toffee Works, originally built in the 20s or 30s, was closed down and the factory itself knocked down to make way for houses around 1990.


International Footballers of Today

A set of 25 cigarette card size coloured drawings. Since Reddish Maid was a confectionery company I’m going to assume that these were given away in packets of sweet cigarettes, but I can’t confirm this or tell you the name of the cigarettes.

Number in set: 25
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