Scottish Daily Express

The Scottish Daily Express

The Scottish Daily Express newspaper issued football cards in the 1950s, then had a break until 1972 when they produced this one-off set of cards.



An interesting set of coloured drawings featuring 24 Scottish international players, called ‘Scotcards’. I’ve dated the set to mid 1972 as the biographies on the backs of the cards include comments such as ‘Johnstone, now 27…’ (card 14) – which dates the set to between September 1971 and September 1972 and ‘won a Cup Winners’ Cup medal against Moscow Dynamo in Barcelona in May’ (card 13) – which dates the cards after May 1972. So, the backs were written June, July or August 1972, but this doesn’t prove when the cards were issued.

I’m not sure how this set of cards was issued, though perhaps given away in the newspaper, or redeemed through vouchers?

Number in set: 24
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