Sigma Sport Silhouettes

Sigma Sport Silhouettes

Not much information is available about this company. It appears that this was a one-off production, which is perhaps a shame for what seems to be a small company’s attempt to compete with the bigger producers.


Action Portraits of Famous Footballers

Described as a set of ‘sixty postacards’ these portrait cards were drawn by Barrie Cutler with text by Keith Parsons. The set was produced in association with ‘The Supporters Football Form Book and Diary, 1979-80 edition’. The set was printed in Great Britain by Prescott-Pickup & Co. Ltd., Bridgnorth.

Sigma Sport Silhouettes Limited had an address of ‘Stanmore Industrial Estate, Bridgnorth, Salop, England’, but not much more is known about them. The introduction to the album for these cards states ‘Nearly four years ago our associated Company published the first in a uniform series of books for collectors and enthusiasts in which could be mounted sets of sixty different postcard size colour prints. So far these collections have treated transport and historical subjects exclusively, but from the inception of the series we have been asked repeatedly to include sport, including football’. The publishers also state ‘This first collection is intended to be representative only – a difficult enough task in itself – but successive annual sets of sixty portraits will fill out the gaps…’.


The Foreword ends ‘It is possible that this First Edition will become a collectors item since it is restricted in number and it is being offered for sale only to readers of certain provincial newspapers’. How true…. Unfortunately there is no record of subsequent productions.