Sugosa was a small Czechoslovak-owned company formed as a sugar dealing company by a Mrs Marie Bernkoff. In 1956 David Mitchell was asked to establish a Sugosa office in London and to organise all sales and marketing of their confectionery products for the U.K. market. The London office designed the sweets – product, wrapping etc. and the products were made in a factory in Slovakia. The confectionery was distributed to the retail trades and supermarkets. The company occupied a suite of offices in Marlon House, Mark Lane, London which is adjacent to Fenchurch Street Railway Station. In the 1960s there were six employees at Sugosa: David Mitchell (Managing Director), Stewart Gibson, Vance Pennington, Bob Warrior and two secretaries/typists/phone operators. David Mitchell and Vance Pennington have both personally assisted greatly with the information on this page, for which thanks are due and given. David Mitchell, now aged in his eighties, has had his memoirs published in a two volume work entitled ‘A Boy from Nowhere’.


Famous Footballers

Following on from the tremendous sales experienced as a result of the 1966 World Cup and the ‘World Cup Willie’ sugar lollipops (see above) Sugosa designed and wholesaled packs of sweet cigarettes through the UK, which included these Famous Footballers cards. The football cards were supplied by a company who added Sugosa’s name to the bottom of the cards, though the name of the production company has been lost over time. I suspect that it was the same company that manufactured for Barratt & Co if not Barratt itself.

Number in set: 12