Tonibell Manufacturing Co. Ltd

In 1969, the Lyons Maid ice-cream business of J. Lyons & Co. bought Tonibell for £1,750,000. The deal was between Glacier Foods Ltd, the company which controlled Lyons Maid and its associated ice-cream activities, and British American Tobacco Co. Ltd, which had bought Tonibell Manufacturing Co. Ltd in 1964. The name Tonibell is still used today.The company produced an interesting range of cards over a three year period. It’s a pity that they didn’t continue.


England’s Soccer Stars

A set of 12 large and attractive cards issued in association with World Soccer magazine.

Number in set: 12
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Team of All Time 1971

A set of small, attractive, circular cards produced in association with World Soccer magazine. I’m not sure, but I suspect that these were given away a few at a time attached in a card (so that you had to remove the disks from the card).

Number in set: 36
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1st Division Football League Club Badges

These attractive badges are also available with the Lord Neilson and Mr Softee company names, however the Tonibell set is a year later than these two. The Tonibell set has Birmingham City and Norwich City (promoted at the end of the 1971/72 season) in place of the relegated Huddersfield Town and Nottingham Forest (with thanks to Mark for this information).

Number in set: 24
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